How to host a waste-free dinner party

Dinner parties don’t need to be wasteful — you can thoroughly impress your guests by hosting a waste-free, eco-friendly dinner party. You may not even realize how much waste is produced from a dinner party. Between invitations, napkins, plastic cutlery, cups, and paper plates, the waste can really pile up! 

It can be hard to navigate eco friendly changes and cut out plastic, especially if you don’t have the right products, but don’t you worry. If you’re going green in 2020, we’ve got the sustainable and eco-friendly products you’ll need right here! Not only will your guests be impressed, but you’ll all get through the dinner with a clearer conscience. 

Here are the green living tips you need for all of your entertaining, hosting, and party-having! 

Stainless Steel Tumblers

BBQ, anyone?! Whether you’re pouring your guests some refreshing Sangria or an ice cold cup of water, you can do so with our stainless steel reusable cup. The stainless steel material keeps your beverages refreshingly cold, as nobody wants room temperature drinks while they’re enjoying their dinner. 

There’s no need for disposable SOLO cups! Not only are they harmful for the environment, but using stainless steel tumblers also makes for a more attractive table setting for your guests. It’s an Instagram-worthy setup! 

Metal Straws

You probably know that plastic is one of the most harmful materials for our environment, but straws in particular are one of the most harmful pollutants to sea creatures. You can help save the animals by investing in and sipping from metal with your guests instead of plastic. 

Whether it's to sip their water, soda or Sangria, these straws are a fantastic eco friendly solution. Spice up your guests beverages with one of our gold, silver, and rainbow color options to make the straws fit your table setting theme. 


Eat up! This 7 piece bamboo cutlery set allows you and your guests to enjoy healthy food without plastics! Single-use plastics are most often called out for their consistent harm to our marine ecosystems. From coral reefs to animal species, plastic’s toxic material organisms all over. 

Bamboo, on the other hand, is a natural, self-regenerating material and one of the most sustainable crops. This set is easy to clean and carry. The set includes a fork, knife, spoon, straw, brush, and two chopsticks. 

After using it for your dinner party, you can keep using the set for years to come! Take it on a beach picnic or on your early morning hike — it's perfect for travellers who are always on the go!

Coconut Bowls

Our natural coconut bowls make for a fun and attractive way to hold your delicious dinner. They are actually made up of reclaimed coconut shells. Whether it’s salad or soup, these bowls are going to spice up your dinner table and back up the environment. 

It prevents the unnecessary use of plastic, which harms our environment. Pair these bowls up with the bamboo cutlery and you’ve got the cutest dining set to go with your delicious meal. It’ll definitely have your guests complimenting your eco-friendly choices.


We forget the best decorative pieces at any event are flowers and natural settings. you can buy these dried flower confetti instead of the plastic kind.

Food Cooking

Before the party, have an eco-friendly pre-party! When storing your food after cooking up your dinner party meal, be sure to use some of our many eco-friendly storage options. Our mesh bags are machine washable and made of premium polyester that is flexible and lightweight. You can also store your food with our reusable hanging bags. 

Not only do these keep your food fresh and easily available, but they also add the perfect decorative touch to any kitchen. Got fruit to store? Rather than using harmful plastic or aluminum storage options, use our beeswax organic and plastic free storage pouches. 

All of these options keep you from producing more unnecessary food waste that could lead to greenhouse gas emissions and more. You’re turning into a green goddess now! 


We can’t be the only ones who end up with too much food and end up tossing the leftovers. It seems like NBD, but food scraps and yard waste together currently make up more than 28 percent of what we throw away. Easy solution: compost them. That keeps materials out of landfills, where they take up space and release methane (aka no-good chemicals).

What can you throw into the compost bin? Fruits and vegetables, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags, cardboard, yard trimmings, houseplants, sawdust, dryer and vacuum cleaner lint, fireplace ashes, and even more. That’s a long list — and we bet you throw out some of that at least every week!

Food waste that ends up taken to the landfills aren’t able to break down easily, creating harmful gases that are released into the atmosphere, as well as groundwater pollutants. Composting your waste is a simple solution to increased greenhouse gas production and unnecessary amounts of landfill waste.